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What kind of community do YOU want Swansea (and Toronto) to be?

A safer community? …with slower traffic on The Queensway

A healthier, people-friendly community? …with new sidewalks, bike lanes and a revitalized streetcar stop

A more beautiful community? …without those ugly, raised ramps over The Queensway

A more accessible community? …with easier access to the Waterfront, Bloor West Village and Sobey’s


Sounds good, doesn’t it? This is exactly what we could achieve with a major redesign of the South Kingsway-Queensway Intersection as proposed and budgeted by the City. It includes:

  • Eliminating at least three of the 1950s-style ramps that are more suitable to an LA expressway than a residential neighbourhood
  • Modifying the northeast ramp with a new “link” road connecting the South Kingsway to the north side of The Queensway.
  • Installing a new traffic light on The Queensway to allow pedestrian access and reduce the speed of traffic
  • Relocating the Humber-loop streetcar station to the above location to make this transit stop more accessible
  • Creating better pedestrian and cyclist access to Bloor Street, Sobey’s and the Lake Ontario waterfront.

The opportunity to redesign the South Kingsway-Queensway Intersection will not occur again for 50 years or longer. Right now, the money is available and the social, environmental and economic conditions are correct to make changes for the future prosperity of Toronto. However, if the latest TSD report proposing only minor modifications is approved by Etobicoke York Community Council, the chances of creating a livable and environmentally friendly City that is accessible and safe for people of all ages and abilities may never be met in southern Swansea. So we invite you to Get Involved now!

Ride the South Kingsway Cloverleaf

May 27 2008 - 7:30am

TURN cordially invites you to our 1st Annual

“Ride the South Kingsway Cloverleaf”

Active Transportation Event


** Tuesday, May 27th @ 7:30 AM ** (Rain Date: May 28 @ 7:30 AM)

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